Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to keeping our customers’ personal information secure because we value their trust in us with their data. This Privacy Policies purpose is to clarify to our customers what data we collect, why we gather it, and how we plan to use it. When we refer to “,” “we,” or “us” throughout this policy, we are referring to, Inc., a company, and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Users worried about using their “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) online will find our Privacy Policy useful. In the context of data privacy and security in the United States, personally identifiable information (PII) may be used to identify, locate, or contact an individual specifically. Suppose you use our Site, Software, App, or Services. In that case, it is in your best interest to read this Policy thoroughly to see how we collect, use, or manage your personally identifiable information.

What Does’s Privacy Statement Cover? Terms of Service and License Agreement, which includes this Privacy Policy, can be viewed at privacy-policy/. Information collected by us through your use of the Site, Software, App, and Services (“Information”) is subject to the terms of service (“Terms of Service”) as defined in this Policy. Unless otherwise defined in this Policy, capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the “Terms of Service.”

What Personal Data Does Gather?

The usage of our Software, App, Site, and/or Services may result in the collection of information that, alone or in conjunction with other information, can be used to identify you (“Personal Data”). Some of the data we gather will not be personally identifiable and will be treated as such (“Non-Personal Data”).

Details you give us while signing up for an account

You voluntarily provide us with the following Personal Data when you sign up for services:

Provide us with the following details: email address, username, preferred method of contact, and language. When you sign in to using a social networking login, like Google+ or Facebook, we will request your permission to pull some basic information (such as your email address and name) from that account. You can cease all data collection from your account by revoking access granted to at any time.

What Other Data Do We Gather From You?

As you navigate and interact with the Site, Software, App, and/or Services, gathers the following Data:

In our Services and/or Software context, “User Content” refers to any text, documents, or other content or information you upload, enter, or transfer.

What Information Is Gathered Automatically?

The following information is automatically recorded in our systems concerning the devices you use to connect with and your usage of the Site, Software, App, and/or Services:

Location: When you use our Site, Software, App, and/or Services, your IP address or other similar identifiers reveal the general location from where you access the Internet and hence our Site, Software, App, and/or Services.

Your log data or information: Access and usage of our Site, Software, App, and/or Services generate data that is logged the same way data is when you visit any other website. Your IP address, browser and settings, browser configuration, time of use, cookie, and language data may all be recorded in this manner.

Details about your usage: This data pertains to using the website, software, app, and/or services. We may also collect information from our partners and service providers to further investigate how customers utilize our Site, Software, App, and/or Services. For instance, we’ll know roughly how many people visit a certain site page and what links they typically click. The information we gather will be used to analyze and improve the site.

Details about your gadget: Hardware and software information (such as browser and OS) and device-specific identifiers can be gleaned from your computer or mobile device when visiting

Cookies: “Does use cookies?” section and our Cookie Policy provide more information about cookies.

When Does Thereverseimage.Com Gather Information?

Any time you submit a form, sign up for a newsletter, purchase, engage in live chat, or enter information on our site, we collect the data entered.

What Is The Purpose Of Thereverseimage.Com With My Data? processes, uses and stores your Information in the ways described below because doing so is required to perform our contract with you and our legitimate business interests.

  • to correspond with you and develop a relationship with you in regards to our Site and/or Services, our product and service announcements, updates (if applicable), and responding to your requests for assistance, such as providing account verification support if you are having trouble accessing your account.
  • to assist us in running our business, whether that be managing our Site, Software, App, and/or Services, validating users for safety, providing individualized features and access, processing and delivering transactions, performing research and analysis, creating new features, or enhancing the current ones.
  • so that we can give you relevant and helpful information about services via email (you can opt-out at any moment). For further information, please see the “Will send me emails?” section. Suppose you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA). In that case, we will only send you promotional materials once you give us permission to do so, either when you create an account or later.
  • to compile aggregate data on the total number of devices accessing our Site, Software, App, and/or Services to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

When you use our Services, we want to execute your requests as soon as possible, display relevant user content, and make it available to you.

Can User Content Be Analyzed On Thereverseimage.Com?

We promise that no employees of will monitor any User Content stored on or transmitted using our Site, Software, App, and/or Services without first obtaining the appropriate authorization to do so in the event of a suspected violation of the Terms of Service, to respond to your requests for user support, to comply with applicable law or to improve our algorithms. Finally, your Information may be seen in response to any legal process, such as a warrant or court order, when we believe in good faith that such action is necessary to defend the rights, property, or personal safety of and its users or to comply with our legal responsibilities.

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